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From the Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Letter: Corn will better serve the residents of the 16th District | Letters To Editor |

Residents of Washington's 16th legislative district would be better served by Jan Corn as their representative in Olympia. Jan was a business owner in Walla Walla for over 25 years and knows the challenges facing entrepreneurs in our community. She has demonstrated her leadership skills by serving on the boards of local organizations including Rotary where she was president. She appreciates differing points of view and can work across the political aisle.

Our current representative portrays himself as a moderate but he blames the majority party for his ineffectual performance in Olympia. He has voted with the extremists in his party against renewable energy and public education. And despite working in Olympia, where he benefits from open-minded attitudes, he panders to a noisy local activist group who are loudly anti-LGBTQ and demand censorship in public schools.

Jan is authentic about who she is and what she stands for. She will fight for affordable health care, housing and education. She will unequivocally protect a woman's right to determine her own health care. Jan will unfailingly represent our region selflessly and with integrity. Please cast your vote for Jan Corn in this upcoming general election.


Linda Gunshefski, Walla Walla

Letter: Corn has a lifelong commitment to improving our community | Letters To Editor |

I’m writing to support Jan Corn for state representative, Legislative District 16, Position 2. Jan is most qualified to represent Walla Walla’s citizens in Olympia because she has first-hand experience with our issues and concerns.


Jan was a working mom and a successful small business owner for over 20 years. She has donated her time and talents to serve on the boards of several local non-profits, including the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce and Community Council and as a volunteer for Blue Mountain Action Council, Providence St. Mary Medical Center and Walla Walla Community Hospice, among others. She has been a member of Noon Rotary for 18 years, including a term as president of the organization.


Jan has worked hard and learned to listen. She will be an active and informed advocate for our families small businesses and communities.


The incumbent, Skyler Rude, has been a legislative assistant and state representative.

Jan is the most qualified because she has the most experience, a proven work ethic and a lifelong commitment to improving our community. Please vote for Jan Corn.


Cecile Ervin, Walla Walla

Letter: To protect women's rights, elect women at all levels | Letters To Editor |

Respected anthropologist Ashley Montagu published "The Natural Superiority of Women" in 1953. Almost 70 years and many reprints later, we are fortunate to have a very talented group of women running for election or re-election to public office. U.S. Sen. Patty Murray deserves another term. Natasha Hill would represent us correctly in the U.S. Congress. Marjorie Denton Sanborn for Walla Walla County auditor, Jan Corn for state representative, Michelee Morales for prosecuting attorney, and Danielle Garbe Reser for county commissioner.

There are men and other forces in power who would deny, circumscribe and reduce the rights of women. One of the best ways to prevent that from happening, and in fact to expand the range of rights available to women to the level where they are equal to the rights of man, as Thomas Paine might have put it, is to vote women into public office.

When my mother, a poll worker all her adult life, was born in 1903, women weren’t allowed to vote. The struggle for the vote and women’s rights has come a long way since 1848. Assert your right to vote. Write in Danielle Garbe Reser for county commissioner, clearly the most experienced and qualified candidate.


Charles Potts, Walla Walla

Letter: The only way to protect women's rights is to vote for Democrats | Letters To Editor |

The University of Idaho just stopped providing students and staff with birth control services, including even talking to students about contraception. Why? Because a territorial law prohibiting contraception and abortion passed in 1867 and made inactive by Roe v. Wade has come back to life. Like a zombie.

Now that abortion is illegal in Idaho, the right wing is going after birth control. As in, “You can’t use the pill anymore.”

Where this issue ends up will be largely up to the Idaho Legislature. With its huge Republican majorities, that’s not comforting.

But it underscores the immense importance of all state legislatures in women’s rights. Idaho women are losing their rights at blinding speed. Because of Republican legislators.

Could this happen in Washington and Oregon? Of course, if Republicans controlled the legislatures. Which they could in a red wave election.

So, for those who want to protect women’s rights, it no longer makes sense to vote for any Republican anywhere in Washington for the state legislature. No Republicans anywhere. It’s just too dangerous.

The only sensible choices for the 16th Legislative District are Jan Corn and Jeff Strickler. No matter what they say, Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker can’t and won’t protect women’s rights.

Tim Copeland, Walla Walla

From the Tri-City Herald


In WA’s 16th District, vote for Dems Corn and Strickler | Tri-City Herald

VOTE FOR CORN, STRICKLER IN 16TH Please join me in voting for Jan Corn and Jeff Strickler for the 16th Legislative District. Both are successful small business owners who are committed to strong advocacy in Olympia for the 16th. They have an advantage — they are Democrats — who will definitely be at the table when priorities and state budgets are set. Let’s look at the incumbents, Skyler Rude and Mark Klicker. Rude has spent his entire career in the Legislature without much to show for it. He does not vote his stated positions but follows the party line. Klicker introduced legislation that would have prevented landowners from developing their land, stating that “farmers were being taken advantage of” by utilities in locating alternative energy sites. Farmers I’ve talked to scratch their heads over this. The Tri-Cities is the fastest-growing area of the state. We need savvy, effective legislators to bring transportation, power, water, businesses, education, health care and other resources critical to our communities. Corn and Strickler support a woman’s right to choose and will protect democracy by ensuring the people’s vote is protected. Please vote for Jan Corn and Jeff Strickler for the 16th District.


Kari Isaacson, Walla Walla

Tri-City Herald endorsement for 16th District House | Tri-City Herald


(Excerpted from the Tri-City Herlad endorsement for 16th District House position. Note that the Herald ultimately endorsed Skylar Rude. Click the link above for the full article.)


Skyler Rude and Jan Corn are 2022 candidates for 16th Legislative race. On that note, challenger Jan Corn said the 16th District is missing opportunities because it has no Democrat at the table. She said legislative updates from Rude and his Walla Walla counterpart, Rep. Mark Klicker, often speak of how difficult it is for Republicans to get legislation through with Democrats in control. She said continually sending only members of the GOP to Olympia is not helping the district.


Corn worked as a waitress and a hairstylist and built a career in the cosmetology industry. She said through grit and determination she eventually opened her own business — Impress Salon in Walla Walla. Over the years, she has taken on many leadership roles in her community, and has served on a number of executive boards for nonprofit organizations. She also has been a volunteer for Blue Mountain Action Council, Providence St. Mary Medical Center, the American Cancer Society, Walla Walla Community Hospice, and Tour of Walla Walla. She has been member of Walla Walla Noon Rotary for 18 years, and served a term as president of the organization. She said she has made connections with Tri-Citians through Rotary District 5080, which includes much of Eastern Washington.


She agrees with Rude’s take on wind and solar energy issues and supports the Snake River dams. She also thinks there were police reforms that went too far. Where they differ is on the issue of abortion. Corn believes women should be in control of their own health care. Rude is pro-life, but noted that any legislation aimed at limiting abortion rights would not get past the governor’s desk.


Corn told us she can work with everyone in Olympia, and that’s easy to believe. She is candid and friendly, and notes that she has spent long days on her feet, listening to people and taking care of them. She also believes hyper-partisanship is getting worse, and she is genuinely concerned that democracy in our country is in jeopardy.


Corn doesn’t see herself as a politician, but rather, someone who is passionate about helping people. We don’t doubt her resolve make a difference in people’s lives, and if elected she would likely be a force. 

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