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“Democrats put people and nature before corporations and profits.”

—WSDCC Platform Preamble 


I'm running for State Representative because in Olympia, I want to fight for the issues that matter to you. We as Democrats have been working in Eastern Washington to build stronger relationships with the majority population on the west side, and that's what we need to get results for our region.  


I am a proud Democrat, and the platform that was adopted at the State Convention for 2022 reflect my values and represent many of the issues I want to work on as your representative from the 16th LD.




  • Protect and support our district’s vibrant and sustainable small farms and family farms.

  • Create and support localized marketing, community supported agriculture, and cooperative marketing. 

  • Prioritize funding of research for climate mitigation and adaptation methods for agriculture, aquaculture, fishery, and forestry. 

Energy, Environment, Climate Crisis

  • Limit contamination of the environment by harmful waste materials via reduction in use, reclamation and recycling, or proper disposal or storage. 

  • Ensure that our district is represented if a statewide infrastructure is developed to support use of electric vehicles. 

  • Reduce plastic waste by encouraging replacement of single-use items with reusable and compostable materials; seek a legislative fund for in-state, publicly owned plastic recycling infrastructure. 

  • Invest in energy efficient, low-income housing, and sustainable local community infrastructure


  • Invest in rural road and highway maintenance and improvements for our district and for other cities and counties outside the I-5 and I-90 corridors. 

  • Support public investment and financial incentives to make ownership and use of electric vehicles attainable for all, regardless of income level or where they live. 


  • Support good, affordable, and well-funded early learning, including home visiting services, Head Start, and Early Childhood Education and Assistance Programs.

  • Foster robust K-12 and higher education. 

  • Invest in high quality continuing education and career training, in addition to traditional higher education for adult workers. 

  • Increase STEAM awareness and engagement for female and non-binary learners. 

  • Invest in quality childcare, including age-appropriate daycares, nanny shares, and learning and development specialists and therapists.


  • Address the severe shortage of affordable rental housing in our district.

  • Support creating a variety of housing types in our district to accommodate people’s changing needs and household sizes throughout their lifetime. 

Equality of income and opportunity

  • Protect public investments by opposing and reversing the privatization of public assets. 

  • Invest in Universal Family Care, affordable child and elder care, parental and sick leave, and early childhood education. 

  • Fund expansion of broadband internet to include all corners of our district so that everyone has access to the internet.

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