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Small Business Owner

Service Worker

Community Advocate

Public Servant

"Corn has been a force of nature in Walla Walla for most of her three-decade career. Between her salon clients, involvement in the political scene and in volunteerism, she’s connected with thousands of people."

 - The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

As a former service worker and small business owner, I know what it means to work hard. I’ve worked as a waitress and as a hairstylist. For a few tough years, I worked as a single mom to support my family. I’ve spent long days on my feet, listening to people and taking care of them. Through grit and determination, I built a career in the cosmetology industry, serving as the manager of a major national company’s in-store salon for ten years before opening my own business, Impress Salon, in Walla Walla over twenty years ago.


Service has always been more than a job. To me, it’s a calling. Growing up in Walla Walla, my family instilled in me the importance of community involvement from a young age. I’ve served on the executive boards of several local nonprofit organizations, including Walla Walla Community College’s Cosmetology Advisory Board, The Network, Community Council, and the Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce. I’ve volunteered for Blue Mountain Action Council, Providence St. Mary Medical Center, the American Cancer Society, Walla Walla Community Hospice, and Tour of Walla Walla. And I’ve been a member of Walla Walla Noon Rotary for 18 years, and served a term as president of the organization. I have decades of experience advocating in and for Eastern Washington.


I love calling this beautiful valley home. In my spare time, I enjoy riding my bike, gardening, walking the golf course with my husband, camping, listening to live music, and singing (I sang baritone in a barbershop quartet for 20 years—Sweet Adelines International).

Why I'm Running

I’m running to represent you in the 16th Legislative District, because I know what it is like to work hard and still struggle to make ends meet and support your family.


I’m running because you deserve a different kind of leadership—one grounded in a spirit of service, compassion, and generosity.

I’m running because the people of this district deserve the opportunity to succeed, to have access to affordable housing, health care, childcare, a living wage, fair tax structure, and reproductive freedom.


An important thing I learned while running a small business was how to listen to my customers. Your vote for me is a vote for leadership that prioritizes listening to you and your family. We’ll work together to create solutions that improve the lives of Eastern Washington residents.



If I have the honor of earning your vote, as your state representative, I will:


  • Fight for working class families and small business owners

  • Support safety nets for the most vulnerable members of our communities

  • Advocate for affordable and accessible housing, childcare, eldercare, and healthcare

  • Promote responsible environmental stewardship and economic growth

  • Listen to your concerns and represent the voices of Eastern Washington in Olympia

About Me

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